19 – 24 January 2018

Weather:  Mostly sunny, but it rained on one night

What & Where We Ate: Throughout the days our breakfast were sausages, eggs, beans and some bread.  We normally skipped lunch and had some noodles around 2 – 3pm.  For dinner we have had the fish we caught and some lovely steak.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  We stopped at Cottage Point, to buy bait.  At Brooklyn we bought some extra food and some more bait.

Who We Met:  A couple of people on the beach.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Jan 19 We saw 2 huge lizards at the beach near Eleanor Bluff, Dad caught a tiny looking shark twice but we returned it, and I caught my first fish.  Jan 20 – Dad caught the first fish we could eat, went to Cottage Point, tried to use the anchor but failed.  Jan 21 – Mom and I swam from the boat to the beach.  One lizard tried to chase us. Jan 22 – We picked up a fried.  My sister caught her first fish, we had dinner at the top.  Jan 24 – We drifted in between the two bridges ,caught 12 fishes and one squid.

Reminder or Next Trip:  Don’t invite anyone who talks a lot.  Go to the beach more.