21 – 26 January 2017

What & Where We Ate: Ate onboard mostly, salads & BBQ meat, chicken curry.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Brought most, extra supplies @ Bobbin Head

Who We Met:  Chatted to some people in Refuge Bay,  a goanna in Refuge Bay!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

1st day Spencer -> America Bay – boat travelled well – beautiful bay to start the journey.  Fishing (caught bait fish) & swimming.  Relaxing straight away!

2nd day America Bay -> Bobbin Head – had visitors aboard, drinks, cheese & crackers, yummy lunch.  Great fun, kids having a ball swimming.  Cards in th evening, kids kayaked to Bobbin Head for ice creams.

3rd day Bobbin Head -> Stingray Bay -> Yeomans Bay – explored Smiths Creak and Coal & Candle Creek – moored in Stingray Bay for a swim & fish, -> Yeomans Bay for the rest of the day, DVD, swimming, fishing.  Hard to cool down tonight – night skinny dipping (for the kids!!)

4th day Yeomans Bay -> Cottage point – 40deg today and very humid!! Had ice cream and got supplies at Cottage Point -> Refuge Bay What a great spot!  Saw a goanna, climbed, swam, game of cricket and classic catches.  Where’s the promised rain?? The rain came – lovely to sleep to.

5th day Refuge Bay -> Brooklyn -> Refuge Bay – lazy day, drizzly & overcast.  Brooklyn for fish & chips – planned on staying there overnight but too rocky.  Back to Refuge Bay – busy tonight in anticipation of Australia Day we think.

6th day – Back to Spencer!

Fish caught – 40+

My favourite part was when I first jumped off the swim deck – 10yold

Thank you for a great holiday!  Thanks for a great week!