3 – 5 April 2017

Weather: rain, cloud then sun

Memorable Things About the Cruise: 

‘Fish That Fly’

Fish flying through the air, we’re sure they’re not supposed to be there.

They mock us over and over again but surely we could catch one, with about a thousand men.

‘A Bit of Moon’

A bit of moon fell down and hit the water, I saw it, it happened last night.

In the darkness of the valley, it became the only light.

Glistening from the surface of the river’s wrinkles.

The moon was on its side, upright, half a coin,

Balanced on a spin to win.

The trail it left lay silver surfacing the light

And I sang ‘Empire State of Mind’ into the lovely night.


In the mangroves out in their droves, crabs.

Like thieves and murderers scurrying to their holes.

As we pass along the boardwalk, they hurry under mud.

Red-clawed rapscallions leering from their lairs,

Pausing briefly, thick forearms crossed against their bodies

In a barefaced challenge to the giants that dare to pass.

Then gone in a plop to hunker and plot.