5th October 2017

Weather: very good overall!

What & Where We Ate: onboard except for some fries at Brooklyn.  Lots of BBQ food & one night the flathead we caught on our first night.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Some supplies (ice, wine, bread) from Brooklyn & Cottage Point.

Who We Met:  Very few people – exactly what we were after!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  1st night – Cotton Tree Bay 2nd night – Jerusalem Bay (Pinta Bay) 3rd night – Hallets Beach

Caught a big (>50cm) flathead in Cotton Tree Bay on our 1st night.  Ate on our 2nd night – yummy!

Had showers under the waterfall at Refuge Bay on Saturday morning.  Saw lots of jellyfish in Hallets Beach on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

We caught a huge fish! It is a flathead.  We caught it because of a small one that we caught before.  Then we caught another one but smaller!  We saw tons of jellyfish, some small, some big, some invisible.

Big thanks to Jane & Brad – an amazing experience!!