7th January 2018

Weather: Really, really hot on our first day.  43 deg MooneyMooney – hottest day on record in Sydney 47 deg.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Cottage Point Kiosk – provisions, ice

Who We Met:  Lots of waves to other skippers.  We just loved being here, just the 2 of us.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  The heat – hottest day on record. In Sydney about 43 degrees on river. 1st night – Refuge Bay trying to pick up breeze.  Caught crab & flathead. 2nd night – Mackerel Beach, Pittwater, uncomfortable nights sleep as very exposed to the weather.  Huge storm, electrical, thunder, buckets of rain.  Headed back to Hawkesbury 1st thing next morning.  3rd night – Day on Cowan Creek, up & down Smiths, Coal & Candle.  Back to Refuge Bay for the night.  Love Refuge Bay, love everywhere!! 4th night – more exploring, lunching at Waratah Bay and ended back there for overnight.  Beautiful, quiet, lots of cicadas.  5th night – explored Jerusalem Bay, our thoughts go out to the recent plane tragedy and to those families.  Onto Refuge Bay for a swim and under the waterfall, again just beautiful.  Headed all the way down to Bobbin Head today and back again – moored at Halletts Beach.  What a way to wake up with this small beach right on our doorstep!  Stayed at Hallet the next day swam to shore a few times!  Explored the beach.  Relaxed, reading, sleeping, eating.  6th night – stayed at Hallets Beach again, this is the life!  7th night – our final day saw us dropping into Cottage Point (again) for ice, beers, provisions and then across to Patonga.  A bit windy so headed back to Yeomans & ended up where we started our trip – Refuge Bay!!  What a great week.  Relaxed?? Absolutely.  Great journey on Aquarius.  Thanks for all the wonderful extras provided by Brad & Jane.  We will return.  Ahoy me hearties!