14 – 16 September 18

Weather:  Warm but very windy on the 15/9

What & Where We Ate:  Salmon steaks, asparagus, hollandaise, tandoori chicken skewers, raita, rice, bacon, sausage & egg wraps

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:   Nothing

Who We Met:  No-one!!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Another lovely weekend relaxing – this time with dear friends.  Thank you Jane & Brad.

Friday 13 – 15 July 2018

Weather:  Fine & sunny – cool & crisp

What & Where We Ate:   Friday – Garlic & Pesto drizzled prawns with fresh fettucine  Saturday – Scotch fillets w capsicum, mushies, onion

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:   Cottage Point Kiosk – coffee, chocolate, fresh croissants & cab sav

Who We Met:  No one!!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

Lovely weekend relaxing in the sunshine immersed in nature.  Afternoon snooze in a fluffy blanket, long cozy sleeps, just rocking and swaying on the river.  Jane & Brad could not have been better hosts & the Phoenix is a lovely cruiser with everything that you need.

25 – 28 June, 2018

Weather:  Sunny & clear

What & Where We Ate: Onboard – big breakfast before we set off, skipper cooked eggs, bacon, chippolatas, French toast, brewed percolated coffee with honey – yum!

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Markets – fresh veges / fruits / organic chicken / free range eggs / honey / truffle olive oil

Who We Met: Waved to the occasional passing boats/ferries

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  We had a bad start on the 25th – the motor didn’t start – we thought it was the battery but finally we found out it was the starter motor.  It was too risky to set out so we decided to stay the night in Spencer.  We had a BBQ for dinner and drank rose on the top deck and watched the sun go over the hill.  It was cold, so we wrapped ourselves in the blue wraps which kept us warm, plus a few nips of Ballantines to take off the chill.  We couldn’t work out the CD player so we played fave hits on our iPhone.  Early bed time, rading and listening to the boat gently tapping the side of the boat.  Goodnight and God Bless Australia – its great to be alive and experience the Hawkesbury River!!

26th Tuesday – setoff for Refuge Bay.  The skipper wanted to go exploring once we moored.  He set off in the tug boat while I made up some lunch – pasta, chick peas, borletti beans and salsa with fresh basil.  He came back after 5 mins later – didn’t do much exploring!!  I tried to help him with the tug boat and accidentally fell in the water, fully dressed!  Luckily, it was warm & sunny!  I didn’t feel like having lunch and instead had a hot shower and went to bed!  Woke up feeling better and all forgiven!  Skipper cooked butter chicken and buriyani rice for dinner.  We sat on the top deck watching the other boats little lights, sipping Ballantines whiskey and hot water.  Almost full moon.

27th Wednesday cloudy, rain a little, a little sn, not so cold.  Tried to get a table at Cottage Point Inn, but because we hadn’t booked we were told that it wsa full.  So we tugged our little dinghy boat around a delightful bay and kiosk.  Had calamari, salad & chips and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Margaret River.  Seems so idyllic, sitting on the verandah, watching the boat workers cleaning the boats, a man and his dog.

Cottage Point Kiosk – General Store where we picked up some sour dough bread and a bottle of Chardonnay from the Hunter Valley NSW.  Slept for an hour once we moored at Bobbin Head – showered, dressed for dinner but nothing is open – 5.30pm!  Had left-overs from last night’s dinner.

Lucky there was food because all the close by cafes/restaurants were shut.  Unless we had a car to drive up to the nearest restaurant, and it started to rain.  So we stayed onboard and played cards.  I beat Skipper at ‘Flat”.  Full moon tonight.

28/6 Had a big breakfast before setting out.  Tried to stop over at Brooklyn to buy some oysters, but there was mud around and too shallow to moor.  So homeward bound.  Had our last lunch on top of the Phoenix – finished off the last drop of Charddy!  Thanks for the great adventure Jane & Brad.  Shall recommend it to our family & friends.  So long and thanks for the fish!

Reminder for next time:  Have lunch at Cottage Point Inn

21 – 23 June 2018

Weather: Great winter weather, sunny with a bit of a chill

What & Where We Ate:  All food onboard.  Utilised bbq.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

First night stopped at the buoy just before the railway bridge.  Great spot to get to on a Friday night.  The buoys just before the twin bridges seem to have vanished.

Second night – America Bay

Two fish, plus 2 good size flathead.  Heaps of fish including shovel nosed ray and a fiddler ray near the north head.  Fished Flint and Steel for little result.

The ship went well.  A couple of hiccups on a maiden voyage but that’s to be expected.  Absolutely loved being able to use the anchor so easily.  By far this was the best difference between the two ships!

Once again thank you Jane & Brad for a lovely weekend.  Its weekends like this that make great memories.

Missed having games and cards onboard.

8 October 2018

Weather: Overcast / Fine / Deluged / Stormy!

What & Where We Ate: Chipolatas, bread rolls, fruit.  Dinner –  Rack of Lamb barbecue, Lunch – chicken wings Dinner – duck, Lunch – salad, Dinner – Steak, Lunch – salad, prepared some at home!

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Only a milkshake at Bobbin Head

Who We Met:  No-one, bad weather kept us isolated but happy.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Storms, rain, running out of tinny fuel when the girls drove the tinny.

Fabulously set up for walk on holiday.  Thank you and much appreciated.  Friendly happy service.  All good, Thank you!

1 October 2018

Weather: Perfect!

What & Where We Ate: 1st night – salmon & salad, 2nd night – steak & salad, 3rd night – spaghetti bolognaise and flounder that we caught

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Bought more bait and ice at Cottage Point Kiosk and ice creams.

Who We Met:  Lots of jellyfish

Memorable Things About the Cruise: – Beautiful mornings & sunsets – fishing, we caught a stingray, 4 small fish, a flounder and a teraglin (the last 2 we kept) – spending great time with family

22 September 2018

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  There are tall ships and small ships but the best are friendships.  The Crown Lager Express has really turned it on, what a regal vessel.  Compulsory – floppy akubra hats are the go.  Plus we’re going to the Kimberley now in cat.

25 April 2018

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Very easy, no drama at all.  The boat was well presented and very detailed in the fit-out and amenities.  Would recommend to others.

30 March – 4 April 2018

Weather: fine with occasional cloud

What & Where We Ate: onboard the vessel

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Newport Coles, 1.6km walk from Newport Ferry Terminal in Pittwater

Who We Met:  Doggos, the dude with the fish, the chick with the spare oar, the angry man

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Captains Log Day 1 – The sun is setting on the 30th of March, 2018, and we are no closer to the discovery of Blackbeard’s treasure.  The blood spilled in search of this cursed map shall boil Davy Jones Locker to the deepest depths of her wretched seas.  My only wish is that we happen upon a sign before the scurvey sets in or a far worse fate befalls the crew.  The Bay of Refuge is our only hope of salvation.

Captains Log Day 2 – A red sunrise lit our path to the Isle of Scots.  Short on provisions, we dropped the anchor to the seafloor and head shore.  Striking land, we plundered provisions and rum from the peasants of Newport Village.  Fleeing with our bounty, we found ourselves marooned by the fleeing tide.  The crew let out shrieks of ick as their feet were assailed buy the gelatinous darkness. Thulu be damned, we will endure.

Captains Log Day 3 – The ocean was a cruel mistress this day.  We sought shelter on land, only to have a crewmate mauled by a savage beast.

Captains Log Day 4 – We crossed treacherous waters to a shark-infested inlet.  Needing to scout out our surrounds, we sent crewmates up the nearest mountain.  Upon returning, we directed our course to the palmed beaches of the land of windows and walls.

Captain Log Day 5 – With water and provisions running low, another expedition was required, this time to the source of vitality, the great waterfall of the Americas.  After our close brush with death himself, the men celebrated life on the secluded beach of webbed boulder.

Captains Log Day 6 – I fear that our journey is at an end.  We have sailed the Maiden’s Mercy far and wide, but have not come close to discovering any treasure, least of all Blackbeard’s bounty.  Not a single mermaid, nymph, or even an X in the ground.  Was it all a fool’s errand?  The morale of the crew has begun to sink like the ancient vessel Parramatta.  The prospect of leaving treasure hunting behind, to return to the stability of land is increasingly becoming a harsh reality.  For all of her graces the sea truly is a cruel mistress.

9 – 11 March 2018

Weather: Overcast & sunny

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Day 1 – America Bay fishing, girls caught 3, boys caught nothing LOL J

Day 2 – Boys caught 1 L Girls nothing.  Weather was beautiful caught lots of sun, went to Brooklyn to get some supplies then back to America Bay.  Relaxed swimming more fishing no bites.

Day 3 – Woke up to boat rocking, coffee, then sadly heading back.  Over all experience was amazingly beautiful.  Thank you Brad & Jane, our weekend was amazing.

19 February 2018

Weather: Overcast, mild wind, dropped in the evening

What & Where We Ate: Coffee at Patonga Café/Tavern (Nice)

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:

Who We Met:  QLD couple on Patonga jetty, fisherman gave me a bucket of nippers – nice guy.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Day 1 – Weather a bit iffy with gusty winds so moored up in Little Jersualem Bay.  A swim was out due to so many jellyfish, could not go in without hitting at least 10!  Never seen so many on the Hawkesbury.  No fish to speak of LOL.

Day 2 – still very windy so stayed on this mooring, only boat in the bay, love the solitude.  Caught a few small bream.

Day 3 – Awoke to a beautifully calm bay before sunrise, coffee up top to watch the sun come up (love it).  Cruised up to check out Dangar Island café, Hawkesbury Ferry was in so moved onto Patonga for a nice coffee.  Mae way back down Cowan Creek towards Bobbin Head before picking up a mooring in Yeomans Bay.  Beer o’clock so having a cold one.  Yeomans Bay popular as a mooring, by 1700 all spots filled very calm.  A few fish, nothing keeping though.

Day 4 – back to Patonga (coffee) had to do the family obligations and make contact.  Poor mobile reception down Smiths and Cowan Creeks.  Back in Little Jerusalem Bay for the night.

Day 5 – Woke to a calm, sunny morning.  What a relaxing 5 days, same it has to end.  Appreciating Jane & Brad’s attention to detail aboard the ‘Aquarius’, they have made the trip comfortable and pleasurable to be onboard.  Slow cruise back to Spencer.  Thank you Jane & Brad.

19 – 24 January 2018

Weather:  Mostly sunny, but it rained on one night

What & Where We Ate: Throughout the days our breakfast were sausages, eggs, beans and some bread.  We normally skipped lunch and had some noodles around 2 – 3pm.  For dinner we have had the fish we caught and some lovely steak.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  We stopped at Cottage Point, to buy bait.  At Brooklyn we bought some extra food and some more bait.

Who We Met:  A couple of people on the beach.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Jan 19 We saw 2 huge lizards at the beach near Eleanor Bluff, Dad caught a tiny looking shark twice but we returned it, and I caught my first fish.  Jan 20 – Dad caught the first fish we could eat, went to Cottage Point, tried to use the anchor but failed.  Jan 21 – Mom and I swam from the boat to the beach.  One lizard tried to chase us. Jan 22 – We picked up a fried.  My sister caught her first fish, we had dinner at the top.  Jan 24 – We drifted in between the two bridges ,caught 12 fishes and one squid.

Reminder or Next Trip:  Don’t invite anyone who talks a lot.  Go to the beach more.

7th January 2018

Weather: Really, really hot on our first day.  43 deg MooneyMooney – hottest day on record in Sydney 47 deg.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Cottage Point Kiosk – provisions, ice

Who We Met:  Lots of waves to other skippers.  We just loved being here, just the 2 of us.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  The heat – hottest day on record. In Sydney about 43 degrees on river. 1st night – Refuge Bay trying to pick up breeze.  Caught crab & flathead. 2nd night – Mackerel Beach, Pittwater, uncomfortable nights sleep as very exposed to the weather.  Huge storm, electrical, thunder, buckets of rain.  Headed back to Hawkesbury 1st thing next morning.  3rd night – Day on Cowan Creek, up & down Smiths, Coal & Candle.  Back to Refuge Bay for the night.  Love Refuge Bay, love everywhere!! 4th night – more exploring, lunching at Waratah Bay and ended back there for overnight.  Beautiful, quiet, lots of cicadas.  5th night – explored Jerusalem Bay, our thoughts go out to the recent plane tragedy and to those families.  Onto Refuge Bay for a swim and under the waterfall, again just beautiful.  Headed all the way down to Bobbin Head today and back again – moored at Halletts Beach.  What a way to wake up with this small beach right on our doorstep!  Stayed at Hallet the next day swam to shore a few times!  Explored the beach.  Relaxed, reading, sleeping, eating.  6th night – stayed at Hallets Beach again, this is the life!  7th night – our final day saw us dropping into Cottage Point (again) for ice, beers, provisions and then across to Patonga.  A bit windy so headed back to Yeomans & ended up where we started our trip – Refuge Bay!!  What a great week.  Relaxed?? Absolutely.  Great journey on Aquarius.  Thanks for all the wonderful extras provided by Brad & Jane.  We will return.  Ahoy me hearties!

27 December 2017

Weather: Beautiful x 3 days

What & Where We Ate: We ate salads at different spots along the river.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  We did not shop.

Who We Met:  Nobody that we knew

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Night 1 – America Bay Night 2 – Bobbin Head.  Lots of swimming, shell collecting, exploring, paddle boats.  We saw jellyfish, we went to the fishermans beach.  There were goannas.  We had fish & chips.  We saved 2 jellyfish.

20th October 2017

Weather: 2 days of sun, 1 day of rain

What & Where We Ate: Brooklyn, Cottage Point

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Brooklyn, ate some fish & chips, banana bread.  Went to Cottage Point, ate ice-cream, got a sausage roll.  It was so big, I could not eat it all.  My dad caught a sea mullet (the fish).  My sister caught a sea sweep.  We cooked the fish.  My dad and my sister were freaked because when they put the gas on for the BBQ, the lid exploded!!!  Luckily it only happened for a few seconds.  My sister told me what happened, I was like WHAT REALLY? And yeah so I hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks for reading.  I struggled to catch an estuary cobbler but it pulled my hook off.

5th October 2017

Weather: very good overall!

What & Where We Ate: onboard except for some fries at Brooklyn.  Lots of BBQ food & one night the flathead we caught on our first night.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Some supplies (ice, wine, bread) from Brooklyn & Cottage Point.

Who We Met:  Very few people – exactly what we were after!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  1st night – Cotton Tree Bay 2nd night – Jerusalem Bay (Pinta Bay) 3rd night – Hallets Beach

Caught a big (>50cm) flathead in Cotton Tree Bay on our 1st night.  Ate on our 2nd night – yummy!

Had showers under the waterfall at Refuge Bay on Saturday morning.  Saw lots of jellyfish in Hallets Beach on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

We caught a huge fish! It is a flathead.  We caught it because of a small one that we caught before.  Then we caught another one but smaller!  We saw tons of jellyfish, some small, some big, some invisible.

Big thanks to Jane & Brad – an amazing experience!!

15 – 17 September 2017

Weather: Excellent, mostly calm.

What & Where We Ate: onboard – lamb, steak, too much

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Brooklyn, 2 x forgotten items, ice

Who We Met:  No-one

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Brooklyn houseboat moorings first night.  They have shortened ropes so they don’t fit cruisers to a bit fiddly with extra rope.  Noticed on way back that there are 2 public buoys on western of the two bridges against long island which we may use next time.  Also excellent public buoys just past Gunya Point before heading across to Americas/Jerusalem Bay.  Fished in Yeomans Bay, Gunya Point, off Juno Point.  Night spent in Refuge Bay.  It was unusually quiet, probably because it was finals week.  Not so many boats so it didn’t resemble a caravan park as much this weekend.  Sunday fishing then exploring Berowra Creek.  Some excellent public buoys in Berowra Creek.  Note to self – the public buoys appear to be marked on the chart plotter upstairs.

13 July 1945 (2017)

Weather: foggy, cold, wet & windy

What & Where We Ate: We all had a small portion of dried bread and bird seeds

Who We Met:  A Japanese commanding admiral.  British prisoners of war, a local fisherman

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  On our way to the bay, we had been captured by a Japanese officer in a small gun boat, just out past Dangar Island.  Later taken to the commanding vessel out in Broken Bay, we were interrogated, beaten and questioned about the whereabouts of 3 american soldiers and 5 australian accomplices.  After 5 hours of imprisonment we were finally released by the admiral, we then resumed our travels to our destination at Refuge Bay.

Reminder for Next Trip: Try and avoid all Japanese vessels and military stations.

28 May 2017

Weather: outstanding sunshine

What & Where We Ate: enough cheese to sink a ship J at Refuge Bay

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Stopped at Brooklyn and had a cake and walk around, lovely place.

Who We Met:  A lovely man took us back to our Aquarius cruiser as our tinny broke down – everyone on the river waves to say hi – love river life.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  We have spent the weekend driving around the Hawkesbury and saw dolphins.  So pretty and quiet here – definitely come back.  This weekend was a birthday weekend away.  3 of us from the UK all now living in OZ permanently.  I myself have never been here and I’m blown away by this place and how pretty and relaxing it is.  This boat was excellent and the beds are super comfy.  Brad & Jane thank you so much, we might be neighbours soon I love this place sooo much I want to live here.  I will definitely be back again.  Also forgot we went to Patonga Hotel for beers and a scratchy – we did win 7 bucks!!! And a bucket of prawns – happy days.

5 – 7 May 2017

Weather: sunny

What & Where We Ate: BBQ sausage & steak

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  nothing, bliss to have nowhere to shop!

Who We Met:  Nobody!  Also bliss!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Beautiful few days fishing – our 9 year old caught 2 fish!  We ate them on Saturday night! Went for a swim in the sea and managed to get to a few beaches on the dinghy!  Very relaxing & enjoyable few days plus lovely birthday celebrations.

22 April 2017

Weather: sunny and cloudy

What & Where We Ate: fruit & smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches on the beach.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  we didn’t do any shopping today

Who We Met:  fishermen at the beach, Brad & Jane at the wharf

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  So many … millions of jellyfish … sea planes taking off and landing.  The sun sparkling on the calm water.  Having a snooze on the beach! The fantastic company on board.  Being with all the people I love.  Thank you Brad & Jane we had a lovely time.

6 April 2017

Weather: a mix, including a beautiful storm

What & Where We Ate: Mainly on board, bbqs, pasta, prawns picked up from Brooklyn, mussels at Cottage Point.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Arriving late in the day, it was great to board, catch up with Brad & Jane and spend the night at Spencer.  Awoke to a beautiful morning and set out for Brooklyn and some seafood.  Fully provisioned we set out for Refuge Bay.  There we sat tight for a couple of days.  The skipper came down with the flu and the crew cooked and read.  There are far worse places to feel crook!!!  We summonsed all our energy and headed to Smiths Creek where we sheltered from the high winds.  The skipper still felt crook so the crew cooked and read.  A couple of lovely quiet days were had.  Sadly before we knew it, it was time to think of home.  Another quiet evening at Spencer and in the morning home.  It wasn’t quite the holiday we’d planned however, it was a lovely break.  What a majestic place to feel crook.  Thanks again Brad and Jane for enabling us to experience this magic place.  Aquarius is looking loved.  Until the next time. xxx

3 – 5 April 2017

Weather: rain, cloud then sun

Memorable Things About the Cruise: 

‘Fish That Fly’

Fish flying through the air, we’re sure they’re not supposed to be there.

They mock us over and over again but surely we could catch one, with about a thousand men.

‘A Bit of Moon’

A bit of moon fell down and hit the water, I saw it, it happened last night.

In the darkness of the valley, it became the only light.

Glistening from the surface of the river’s wrinkles.

The moon was on its side, upright, half a coin,

Balanced on a spin to win.

The trail it left lay silver surfacing the light

And I sang ‘Empire State of Mind’ into the lovely night.


In the mangroves out in their droves, crabs.

Like thieves and murderers scurrying to their holes.

As we pass along the boardwalk, they hurry under mud.

Red-clawed rapscallions leering from their lairs,

Pausing briefly, thick forearms crossed against their bodies

In a barefaced challenge to the giants that dare to pass.

Then gone in a plop to hunker and plot.

4 March 2017

Weather: Rain Saturday, Cloudy Sunday

Memorable Things About the Cruise: 

1pm Brooklyn for the famous fish & chips with Oysters Kilpatrick.  Long way to walk without use of jetty.

3pm long wet run to America Bay.  Lots of very large cruisers rafted up together for Hawaiian Party.  Oh how I envy the rich (not really).

5pm dinner for two

Sun 5th – still night, sleep till 9 then set off for Little Jerusalem Bay.  A quiet bay with National Park moorings.  Breakfast on upper deck – superb! A slow motor back to Spencer with weather holding.  All good things come to an end. Thanks crew.  Thanks Jane & Brad. Hello boatsales.com.au

27 February – 1 March 2017

Weather: Showers, heavy at times

Memorable Things About the Cruise: 

27 February – collected boat at Spencer.  Leisurely run to just past the bridges.  Lunch opposite Dangar Island.  Continued towards Broken Bay.  Anchored America Bay.  Dinner and sleep.  Caught a few tiddler fish.

28 February – Leisurely run to Cottage Point.  Stop for lunch.  Continued up Coal & Candle Creek to boatshed.  Back to Cottage Point, tied up, dinner and sleep.  Caught more tiddlers.  A lot of seaplane activity around Cottage Point.

20 – 22 February 2017

Weather: excellent

What & Where We Ate: onboard the whole adventure, steak, chops, bacon & eggs, cheese, nibbles

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Quietness, serenity, hassle free. Freedom to what you want.  Wildlife, fishing, being alone with my partner.  Refuge Bay was excellent especially as we went early to mid week, so it was not crowded.  We had a wonderful little adventure, and can’t wait to come back ASAP.  Brad & Jane were wonderful hots and made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable.  We will definitely be back soon.

13 – 15 February 2017

Weather: Day 1 – sun & cloud  Day 2 – cloudy

What & Where We Ate: onboard.  Ginger soy barramundi, beer/wine, éclairs, BBQ steak, mangoes

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Spencer to Wisemans Ferry very different to Lower Hawkesbury, the water is very dirty after rain.  No mooring, anchoring requires some skill.  Spencer -> Cowan Creek fabulous variety of features, plenty of mooring ops.  Jane & Brad work tirelessly to please, cheers! 

21 – 26 January 2017

What & Where We Ate: Ate onboard mostly, salads & BBQ meat, chicken curry.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Brought most, extra supplies @ Bobbin Head

Who We Met:  Chatted to some people in Refuge Bay,  a goanna in Refuge Bay!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

1st day Spencer -> America Bay – boat travelled well – beautiful bay to start the journey.  Fishing (caught bait fish) & swimming.  Relaxing straight away!

2nd day America Bay -> Bobbin Head – had visitors aboard, drinks, cheese & crackers, yummy lunch.  Great fun, kids having a ball swimming.  Cards in th evening, kids kayaked to Bobbin Head for ice creams.

3rd day Bobbin Head -> Stingray Bay -> Yeomans Bay – explored Smiths Creak and Coal & Candle Creek – moored in Stingray Bay for a swim & fish, -> Yeomans Bay for the rest of the day, DVD, swimming, fishing.  Hard to cool down tonight – night skinny dipping (for the kids!!)

4th day Yeomans Bay -> Cottage point – 40deg today and very humid!! Had ice cream and got supplies at Cottage Point -> Refuge Bay What a great spot!  Saw a goanna, climbed, swam, game of cricket and classic catches.  Where’s the promised rain?? The rain came – lovely to sleep to.

5th day Refuge Bay -> Brooklyn -> Refuge Bay – lazy day, drizzly & overcast.  Brooklyn for fish & chips – planned on staying there overnight but too rocky.  Back to Refuge Bay – busy tonight in anticipation of Australia Day we think.

6th day – Back to Spencer!

Fish caught – 40+

My favourite part was when I first jumped off the swim deck – 10yold

Thank you for a great holiday!  Thanks for a great week!

21 – 30 December 2016

Weather: Mostly beautiful, sunny & hot

What & Where We Ate: onboard, Berowra Waters, Cottage Point, Berowra Marina – all so yummy!

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Berowra Marina & Cottage Point – food, bait sunscreen etc.

Who We Met:  some friendly neighbours @ America Bay

Memorable Things About the Cruise: 

Fishing – caught a big flathead was delicious.  Christmas lunch @ Berowra Waters restaurant, very beautiful food & wine.  Sunsets in America Bay, breathtaking way to end gorgeous warm days.  Mastering the dinghy driving. Jumping off the boat and swimming

Christmas eve – stormy warm night, ate chocolate and watched Brave Heart.  The fresh prawns & oysters that we bought off the little seafood boat.  Sleeping in the sun.  Being with the family.

Thank you Jane & Brad!!!

Reminder for Next Trip:  Bring cash to buy fresh prawns, oysters & coffee.


20 – 21 December 2016

Weather:   Perfect 30 deg C, nil clouds, wind light NE

What & Where We Ate:  Cold meat sandwiches, BBQ Chicken wraps, bacon & eggs,  cold meat sandwiches, cheese &  crackers

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Shopped day before

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

Caught a small tailor which was thrown back.

Day 2: Run up Coal & Candle Creek to Akuna Bay Marina.  Stopped for morning tea & lunch with a fish in a little inlet on Cowan Creek.  Caught small mullet.  Will head up to Brooklyn for a sight see and then back to Spencer.

14 – 18 December 2016

Weather:  Rain Thursday & Friday (light), great Saturday, overcast Sunday

What & Where We Ate:  Provisions onboard.  Chef plus some fish, blue swimmer crab caught which was eaten fresh.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Couple of beers & wine @ Patonga, extra provisions from Brooklyn & Bobbin Head.

Who We Met:  Met a friend’s brother & his girlfriend who were on a sneaky romantic cruise and did not expect to run into anyone.  Saw them in Refuge Bay.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

1st night Brooklyn
2nd night America Bay
3rd night Bobbin Head
4th night Refuge Bay

As of writing this note, son caught 45 fish this weekend and his grandfather caught 27 fish.  The fish were certainly on the bite!  Haul included: perch, mullaway, flathead, whiting, mackeral, flounder, taylor and 1 giant 70cm flathead.  Some great card games were had.  Very relaxing time, fun had by all.

Thanks once again Brad & Jane.  The boat is presenting very well, looks great and we love the provisions onboard to cover all the little things that we forget!

Reminder for next time: Patonga Seafoods shut at 4pm sharp! Prawns not available after that.  Patonga now have 3 club buoys available near the wharf for parking.

9 December 2016

Weather:  cloudy with sun

What & Where We Ate:  tabouleh

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  We bought a lot of food.  It was so yum!

Who We Met:  You guys and lovely Timmy!

2 December 2016

Weather:  fair

What & Where We Ate:  Tacos, crab, jewfish

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  A great voyage once again!  Fishing was average.  Aquarius very comfortable.  Thank you!

18 – 20 November 2016

Weather:   Lovely, hot first day, a bit cloudy second.

What & Where We Ate:  onboard,  1st night salmon, potatoes, salad & wine,   2nd night butterflied lamb, potatoes, salad & wine

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Peter’s in Sydney, Bought ice in boat shed Pittwater

Memorable Things About the Cruise: 

1st night stayed in Brooklyn.  On Saturday went to Pittwater, went for a walk over to Palm Beach.

2nd night stayed at Castle Lagoon, very sheltered & calm. Cowan

On Sunday went back to Brooklyn to pick up a friend.  Had breakfast/lunch there.  Went around to quiet beach.  Swam to beach from boat & back.

28 October 2016

Weather: Nice, one rainy night

What & Where We Ate: Home cooked on boat

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Caught 20 fish, threw 19 back. Beers, cards, bourbons, cards, sleep, cards.  Had a blast, didn’t get motion sick once!