7 October 2016

Weather:  Sunny/hot

What & Where We Ate:  on boat & moored @ Refuge Bay

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  

… (12yo) fun, fishing, lovely weather & beautiful sights & ride

… (10yo) catching fish

… (16yo) had a great time onboard, loved the experience! Beautiful weather and scenery, can’t wait to do it again.

… (14yo) had a really fun time was very beautiful.

Had a great time, we will be back, thank you.

15 August 2016

Weather: Fine, light breeze, sunny every day about 22deg

What & Where We Ate:  onboard, veggie hotdogs w salad.  The 1st night couscous & veggies, the 2nd rice noodles with tofu & veggies & baked perch/whitings the 3rd night and pasta on the fourth.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Jane picked us up from Sydney Airport after arriving from Hobart.  Drove us to Spencer with a detour to pickup food and beverages.  Made beginning of trip so easy, hassle free.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Started out from Spencer a bit late and so our first day’s cruising was a bit of a race against time.  Felt we were motoring against the current and a light headwind. Made Refuge Bay just before sunset.  Lovely spot, 4-5 other boats already moored, mostly yachts.  Fishing: a few bits all took the bait – prawn  Motor time:  2.5 hours?

Night 2:  Tuesday – Motored to Little Jerusalem Bay, although 1st had a look at Jerusalem Bay, nice moorings in a small bay.  Moored the boat about 2.30pm, watched two sea eagles on the river bank getting fresh water from small stream. Caught small bream during day, threw them back.  Caught a whiting on prawn at 9.30pm, lunch for the net day.  Had the mooring to ourselves, can watch river traffic from here.  Motor time: 1 hour

Night 3:  Wednesday – took a look at Coal & Candle Creek before heading down Smith’s Creek.  This is our favourite waterway so far – high cliffs, deep water and bird calls echoing throughout.  We moored in Snapper Rock Bay and were serenaded by an ochre lyre bird until sunset.  Threw the line in but no luck.  Motor time: 1.20 hours

Night 4:  Enjoyed the squeaking of a flock of black cockatoos, wedge-tailed eagles and more lyre bird action throughout the morning.  Headed down to Cowan Creek but it was quite blowy and we decided that the peace, shelter and tranquility of Smiths Creek was more appealing so we headed back and moored in the delightful Stingray Bay.  Threw the line in as soon as we arrived, tempted by all the surface splashing but no luck as at 4.45pm.  Motor time: 1.18 hours

Left Smiths at 9.40am to head to Brooklyn to rendezvous with Jane & Brad.

13/14 August 2016

Weather: Perfect, blue skies, sunny, awesome

What & Where We Ate:  We brought supplies for sandwiches for lunch and with the cooking utilities onboard we made pasta and lamb cutlets for dinner on this self-contained vessel.

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  We had everything we needed – beautiful weather, blue skies, blue water, awesome views & each other

Who We Met: Met a few seagulls, a bream & 2 whitings, we said hello to while fishing & released back into the water.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  This was our first adventure together staying on a boat – we loved every minute of it.  The calmness of being surrounded by water is invigorating.

At Refuge Bay where we moored we spent a few hours fishing during high tide which was such a treat.  Then we took the tender for a spin to explore our surroundings & found a family swimming beneath the Refuge Bay waterfall.  As the night drew in we made dinner & had the best sleep ever.

Waking up with the sund and having coffee with a water view was totally worth the trip.  We could totally get used to this!

Thank you for the amazing experience, we will be back soon for more adventures!

Reminder:  Bring a hat.

15 – 17 July 2016

Weather:  Good

What & Where We Ate:

We called into the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Broken Bay because our tender was too small.  We called the club and they provided a mooring and sent out a small boat to pick us up.  After a beautiful lunch they then delivered us back to the boat.

Who We Met:  Remember Jason & Doug.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

1st night houseboat moorings @ Brooklyn

2nd night NPWS moorings & Little Shark Rock Point

Also went exploring for public buoys elsewhere.  Noted more NPWS public Buoys at Cottage Rock & Hallets Beach west of Refuge Bay. Also found public waterways moorings in Refuge Bay (red with a yellow tag on them)

Great weekend & great company even though two of us were humiliated at cards.  Thanks Brad & Jane for the great service, tea & condiments were greatly appreciated as were the 2 new additions to the ship!

Many thanks to our Skipper for his wonderful navigation skills and excellent driving & also many thanks to our hosts for a wonderful birthday celebration with a difference.  XXOO


24-26 June 2016

Weather: Fine

What & Where We Ate: BBQ, chips, pancakes, marinated pork & beef salads

Who We Met:  We got to know each other much better!

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

21st birthday weekend with great people, in a great location on a great boat.  Had lots of laughing and beers.

Amazing adventure, views, I slept all night for first time in years.  Everything you could possibly need is onboard!

Brad & Jane couldn’t do enough!  We will be recommending this experience to all our friends.  Thank you Hawkesbury River Charter!!!

14, 15, 16 April 2016

Weather: Fantastic!

What & Where we ate:  onboard

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

First night headed straight for Refuge Bay as recommended – nice calm & quiet spot with plenty of moorings.

Awoke to see a lovely little beach and waterfall.  Rowed in for a swim & shower under the waterfall.  Nice calm day so headed over to Pittwater and had a look at Great Mackerel Beach and Resolute Beach, where we anchored and went in to the beach for a swim and sun-bake.  Beautiful sandy beach & crystal clear water!

For the rest of the day we explored Coal & Candle Creek – had lunch onboard at Akuna Bay – an then Smiths Creek.  Then we had a look at Cotton Tree Bay before heading back to Refuge Bay for the night.  Another swim the next morning and now heading back to Spencer.

Had a great time.  Well appointed & provisioned boat.  Thoroughly recommend it to all!

10, 11, 12, 13, 14 April 2016

Weather: Good

What & Where we ate: on board, Cottage Point Kiosk, Brooklyn Fish & Chips

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

As always the beautiful river so many spots to discover and never enough time.  Refuge Bay lovely and quiet for overnight stays.  Lots of Cowan Creek exploring.  One day we will have time for Berowra.  Thanks Jane & Brad for the lovely clean Aquarius.

1st/2nd/3rd April 2016

Weather: Good

What & Where we ate: onboard

Memorable Things About the Cruise: 

Exploring.  Stayed first night on houseboat moorings at Brooklyn.

Second night Refuge Bay.  A bit noisy in Refuge Bay as there was a boat partying till 2.30am.

Had lunch on Saturday on some nice public moorings in a bay near Little Shark Rock Point.  Nice & peaceful.  Explored the Cowan Creek system.

Sunday lunch was on some brilliant public moorings in Yeomans Bay.  Very peaceful & beautiful spot.

Boat performed well with engine purring along smoothly.

17 March 2016

Weather:  Very wet!!

What & Where we ate:  Lots of good food & wine onboard

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

First time sailors! Slight man-made technical hitch at start but after that smooth sailing.  First night in Spencer then comfortable cruise to America Bay.  Overnight there, very cosy listening to rain fall all night.  Short cruise down Cowan Creek then back to Refuge Bay.

Both bays so tranquil & peaceful.  Waterfall at Refuge Bay in full flow after 2″ of rain overnight.  Expert backgammon player with lots of time indoors sheltering from rain!

Aquarius was very reliable and she coped with her novice crew particularly well.  Lot of fun, fantastic environment, superb cruiser – what more could we ask for.

12-14 February 2016

Weather: Great

What & Where we ate:  onboard

Memorable Things About the Cruise:

First night – Brooklyn

Second night – Refuge Bay

Visited the Basin – Pittwater, great weather.

The boat is appointed well, with all we can ask for.  Very comfortable!  Love all the linen & condiments.  Very thoughtful.