19 February 2018

Weather: Overcast, mild wind, dropped in the evening

What & Where We Ate: Coffee at Patonga Café/Tavern (Nice)

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:

Who We Met:  QLD couple on Patonga jetty, fisherman gave me a bucket of nippers – nice guy.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Day 1 – Weather a bit iffy with gusty winds so moored up in Little Jersualem Bay.  A swim was out due to so many jellyfish, could not go in without hitting at least 10!  Never seen so many on the Hawkesbury.  No fish to speak of LOL.

Day 2 – still very windy so stayed on this mooring, only boat in the bay, love the solitude.  Caught a few small bream.

Day 3 – Awoke to a beautifully calm bay before sunrise, coffee up top to watch the sun come up (love it).  Cruised up to check out Dangar Island café, Hawkesbury Ferry was in so moved onto Patonga for a nice coffee.  Mae way back down Cowan Creek towards Bobbin Head before picking up a mooring in Yeomans Bay.  Beer o’clock so having a cold one.  Yeomans Bay popular as a mooring, by 1700 all spots filled very calm.  A few fish, nothing keeping though.

Day 4 – back to Patonga (coffee) had to do the family obligations and make contact.  Poor mobile reception down Smiths and Cowan Creeks.  Back in Little Jerusalem Bay for the night.

Day 5 – Woke to a calm, sunny morning.  What a relaxing 5 days, same it has to end.  Appreciating Jane & Brad’s attention to detail aboard the ‘Aquarius’, they have made the trip comfortable and pleasurable to be onboard.  Slow cruise back to Spencer.  Thank you Jane & Brad.