Watershed Bookings Available

Floating Function Centre

Eco Solar Electric Luxury Penthouse Boat for a glorious day out on Watershed – up to 20 people with crew supplied

9am to 4pm $1500
Catering options available
3 couples can then stay overnight to 10am the next day for an extra $750

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Solar Powered Electric Penthouse Boat
Solar Powered Electric Penthouse Boat

Dates Available

Day Tours:  9am to 4pm $1500

26th – 30th November
1st December
2nd – 13th December
15th – 29th December
1st -31st January 2024
1st – 29th February

Overnight Stays:  11am to 11am $1500

26th – 30th November
3rd – 12th December
15th – 28th December
31st December – afternoon boarding
1st -31st January 2024
1st – 29th February

Flybridge Cruiser Bookings Available 

Phoenix out on the river - classic Resort 35 XL
Phoenix – very comfortable, sleeps 8, daytime 12.

23rd – 30th November
1st December
5th – 8th December
12th – 19th December
22nd – 26th December
31st December
1st January 2024
5th – 7th January
13th – 14th January
18th – 25th January
27th – 31st January
1st – 29th February

Weekends Available:  Anytime Friday to 4pm Sunday $1725

24th November
15th December
22nd December – afternoon boarding
29th December – add Sunday night (new years eve) $2015
5th January 2024
19th January

New Year’s Eve still open 9am Sunday to 4pm Monday $1440


Midweek Getaways

Monday to Wednesday: 3 days $1380
Monday to Thursday:  4 days $1725
Monday to Friday:  5 days $2015

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