Watershed Penthouse Boat

Indulge in the ultimate luxury escape as you sit on the tranquil waters of the Hawkesbury River on your very own private floating paradise.

Experience the serene beauty of the Hawkesbury River like never before aboard the magnificent Watershed penthouse boat. This solar-powered vessel is a true marvel of eco-tourism, offering an unparalleled journey through nature’s splendour with no noise or fumes to disturb the tranquility.

With its exquisite fit-out of natural timbers and spacious twin hulls, Watershed provides the ultimate in relaxation and socializing space. Whether you’re gazing out from the expansive windows or basking in the fresh air on the outdoor deck, the stunning views and soothing sounds of the river will leave you spellbound.

For overnight guests, Watershed offers three luxuriously comfortable queen cabins and beautifully appointed bathrooms, ensuring a blissful night’s sleep amidst the gentle lull of the water. This vessel’s whisper-quiet 20kw electric motors and solar panels storing energy in 54 battery cells, provide a reliable and efficient way to spend some replenishing time out in nature.

So come aboard Watershed, and let this incredible vessel be your haven of peace and renewal on the Hawkesbury River.

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  • Guests – 20 (day cruise) – 6 (night)
  • Crew – 2 (day cruise)
  • Length – 14m
  • Guest Cabins – 3


  • Dining
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Beach Activities


  • Expansive Covered Upper Deck
  • Relaxing Lounge Area
  • Well Equipped Spacious Galley/Dining Area
  • 2 Beautiful Bathrooms with Showers
  • 3 Elegant Guest Cabins
  • Bluetooth Stereo System

Please call Brad and Jane on 0400 377 592 for availability and pricing or go to the Bookings Available page to see what is currently available over the summer season.

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