20th October 2017

Weather: 2 days of sun, 1 day of rain

What & Where We Ate: Brooklyn, Cottage Point

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Brooklyn, ate some fish & chips, banana bread.  Went to Cottage Point, ate ice-cream, got a sausage roll.  It was so big, I could not eat it all.  My dad caught a sea mullet (the fish).  My sister caught a sea sweep.  We cooked the fish.  My dad and my sister were freaked because when they put the gas on for the BBQ, the lid exploded!!!  Luckily it only happened for a few seconds.  My sister told me what happened, I was like WHAT REALLY? And yeah so I hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks for reading.  I struggled to catch an estuary cobbler but it pulled my hook off.