30 March – 4 April 2018

Weather: fine with occasional cloud

What & Where We Ate: onboard the vessel

Where We Shopped & What We Bought:  Newport Coles, 1.6km walk from Newport Ferry Terminal in Pittwater

Who We Met:  Doggos, the dude with the fish, the chick with the spare oar, the angry man

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Captains Log Day 1 – The sun is setting on the 30th of March, 2018, and we are no closer to the discovery of Blackbeard’s treasure.  The blood spilled in search of this cursed map shall boil Davy Jones Locker to the deepest depths of her wretched seas.  My only wish is that we happen upon a sign before the scurvey sets in or a far worse fate befalls the crew.  The Bay of Refuge is our only hope of salvation.

Captains Log Day 2 – A red sunrise lit our path to the Isle of Scots.  Short on provisions, we dropped the anchor to the seafloor and head shore.  Striking land, we plundered provisions and rum from the peasants of Newport Village.  Fleeing with our bounty, we found ourselves marooned by the fleeing tide.  The crew let out shrieks of ick as their feet were assailed buy the gelatinous darkness. Thulu be damned, we will endure.

Captains Log Day 3 – The ocean was a cruel mistress this day.  We sought shelter on land, only to have a crewmate mauled by a savage beast.

Captains Log Day 4 – We crossed treacherous waters to a shark-infested inlet.  Needing to scout out our surrounds, we sent crewmates up the nearest mountain.  Upon returning, we directed our course to the palmed beaches of the land of windows and walls.

Captain Log Day 5 – With water and provisions running low, another expedition was required, this time to the source of vitality, the great waterfall of the Americas.  After our close brush with death himself, the men celebrated life on the secluded beach of webbed boulder.

Captains Log Day 6 – I fear that our journey is at an end.  We have sailed the Maiden’s Mercy far and wide, but have not come close to discovering any treasure, least of all Blackbeard’s bounty.  Not a single mermaid, nymph, or even an X in the ground.  Was it all a fool’s errand?  The morale of the crew has begun to sink like the ancient vessel Parramatta.  The prospect of leaving treasure hunting behind, to return to the stability of land is increasingly becoming a harsh reality.  For all of her graces the sea truly is a cruel mistress.