6 April 2017

Weather: a mix, including a beautiful storm

What & Where We Ate: Mainly on board, bbqs, pasta, prawns picked up from Brooklyn, mussels at Cottage Point.

Memorable Things About the Cruise:  Arriving late in the day, it was great to board, catch up with Brad & Jane and spend the night at Spencer.  Awoke to a beautiful morning and set out for Brooklyn and some seafood.  Fully provisioned we set out for Refuge Bay.  There we sat tight for a couple of days.  The skipper came down with the flu and the crew cooked and read.  There are far worse places to feel crook!!!  We summonsed all our energy and headed to Smiths Creek where we sheltered from the high winds.  The skipper still felt crook so the crew cooked and read.  A couple of lovely quiet days were had.  Sadly before we knew it, it was time to think of home.  Another quiet evening at Spencer and in the morning home.  It wasn’t quite the holiday we’d planned however, it was a lovely break.  What a majestic place to feel crook.  Thanks again Brad and Jane for enabling us to experience this magic place.  Aquarius is looking loved.  Until the next time. xxx