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Jun 30, 2021 Brad Stephenson


Approach the mooring aiming for the loop of the rope. Sometimes this may be to the side of the buoy. Aim to pickup the rope on the starboard (right) side about 2m back from the front of the bow. When coming up to anchor or a mooring, approach in the same direction as the other boats are pointing, ie with the tide or wind against you acting as a natural brake.

Approach the mooring head on at low speed and have your first mate on the front deck with the boat hook ready to hook the rope tail. Move very slowly up to the mooring in forward gear only (no acceleration) or in neutral in small increments.

If done very slowly when you get to the mooring you should be almost stopped with the bow above the rope. As soon as the mooring disappears under the bow, if you are still moving forward, put the gear lever into reverse for a few seconds then back to neutral. You will now be stopped.

You can tell which side the mooring is because your deckhand is over the side peering down to get it. If you need to you can then turn the steering wheel whichever way is necessary to get the boat as close to the mooring as possible and easy to pick up.

The deck hand will hook the rope of the mooring and pull the pole up and grab the rope. The deck hand will then put the pole down the hatch or down the hatch. Now simply loop the rope over the T bollard.

When leaving a mooring, have your deck hand throw the rope over the bow into the water. The tide or wind will pull you back off the mooring. Have the deck hand watch and tell you where the rope is. If the tide or wind is not strong enough to move you away from the mooring, put the engine in reverse without giving it any throttle, just in gear. Once you can see the mooring and rope and you are well clear of it slowly drive forwards around it.

Make sure that you bring the mooring rope up through the bow and do not attach to the stern.

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