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Jun 21, 2021 Brad Stephenson

Safety Equipment

Deploying Life Ring. If someone accidentally falls overboard you must stop the boat, turn around if you have travelled far from the person, put the engine in neutral, throw them a life ring to the side of the person, being sure not to hit them.

Donning a life jacket. Put the jacket over your head and pass the strap around your waist and clip together.

Emergency VHF radio. Turn on the VHF radio and make sure it is on channel 16. Push the button to speak into the microphone and tell the person the name of the boat, the location and what the problem is. Eg medical emergency, boat damaged badly.

Fire extinguisher. If there is a fire, pull out the fire extinguisher, remove the locking pin and pull the trigger. Aim the foam at the base of the fire. There is a complete Scale F first aid kit onboard.

Boat Safety

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